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Finding the right equipment needed for a windows cleaning business can be difficult, if you have never been a window cleaner before. In this post we have outlined every bit or equipment you will need. We recomend that you should start your window cleaning business off by the water-fed method.

And this post will include all the best tools for window cleaning if you do take this route. Setting up this way is more expensive but safer. And allows you to do jobs otherwise not possible by traditional method.

The first thing you need to think about is what vehicle your going to use. Are you going to use your car? Or buy a van? Either one you going to need slightly different set-up. A lot of window cleaners use van with a self build systems installed.

At the bottom of this post, are items your going to need in addition with each of these set-ups.

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Self build van system

A small van with a self-build system in the back, is the best way to go if your really going to make a go at window cleaning. They can hold a lot of water and don’t hold you back when you’re expanding your business.

Once you have decided on which van your going to get this post may help you best van for window cleaning. Then it is time to start building your system.

Baffled water tank

It is recommended that you get your baffled tank mounted to your van floor for safety reasons. But a lot of window cleaners use rachet straps to keep it sercure. That choice is up to on what your do.

The reason why baffled tanks are used is because when the water is moving around, the baffles break the water up. And stop all the water from making the van tilt side to side.

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Water pump

Your going to need to choose a water pump, that will pump the water out of the baffled tank. You can buy these in all different price ranges, some are £10 and some are £80 it really depends on what budget your working with to set this business up.

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Window cleaning pump controller

This is another important part of your set-up a pump controller. It controls the flow rate that the water comes through the pump. So if you got a really dirty window that need a good clean then you can just turn it up which will help with cleaning.

On the other hand if your running low on water and still got a few houses to do just turn it down to make your water last longer.

Find the right controller for youWindow cleaning pump controllers

Leisure battery

You need a leisure battery for your window cleaning van. To power your pump and controller, if you wire the pump and controller to your main battery. There maybe a chance of damaging it by running it low.

And the last thing you want when your out cleaning windows is your battery going flat on a customers driveway. Trust me i have done that myself.

What battery to use for window cleaning

Split relay

A split relay is need to keep your leisure battery charged. As your driving your van around rather than just draining the battery flat it recharges it. But this item is not necessary, as you could just charge it back up after you finished your day and charge it over night.

Van with trolley system

A van and trolley system is a lot easy in terms of setting up as it’s just a trolley in a van. But most trolleys only store around 25litres of water in them. So if you have some big houses on your round then your going to need to keep filling the barrels up.

A good thing about having a trolley is you can take it places where your hose pipe may not be long enough. And you don’t have to buy a battery, pump and controller separately its all in one.   

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Spare water barrels

With a trolley system your going to need to store water in your van. And if you don’t have a water tank your going to need barrels. They are cheap enough and you can buy 6 for about £25 off ebay or amazon here


Car with backpack

If you have a limited amount of money to spend setting up your business, this maybe the best option for you to get started. And how i first got starting with my business. Backpacks are great and i still use mine to this day.

Now just because it’s called a backpack that don’t mean that it’s made for your back because it’s not. When i first bought mine i filled it up with water and tried it on and without someone helping me i could not get it on.

And you may end up damaging your back. The best thing to do is to buy a small £10 trolley for the backpack to go on, and strap it on with some bungee cords.

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Additional items you need to go along with any of the above.

These items you need to buy, to go along with your car or van set-up. And are a important part of the whole set up.


Pole & pole hose & brush

Some water fed poles come ready to use, and some come just on there own with nothing. For someone that is just starting out on their self. The best option is to buy a pole that comes with everything and ready to use.

So when you purchase your first water fed pole make sure it comes with a angle adaptor, brush and pole hose.

Find the pole you need: Best Window Cleaning Pole

Hole reel & hose & connectors

The next item your need is a hose reel and hose pipe. And not just your ordinary garden hose pipe it needs to be a reinforced 6mm or 8mm. A garden hose will kink to easily and be way to heavy when full with water.

The connectors will depend on which size hose you go for. But the claber stop connectors are the most used by window cleaners.

Ro system & Di vessel

Your going to have to make your own pure water if your going to go the water fed pole method. And your going to need either the RO system or a DI vessel or both. This is a important part to your business and need to be done correctly.

The other option is to buy your water from someone else, that does window cleaning. Or from places like spotless water, where you can just turn up and fill up just like a petrol station.

Storage tank

If you don’t have a RO system in the back of your van, then your going to need a storage tank to hold your water. A lot of window cleaners store their water in the garden or shed then pump into containers or to the van. All you really need for this is a IBC tank bigger the better 600+ litres.


If your just starting your window cleaning business, and starting by water fed pole, this is all the equipment needed for a window cleaning business. All options in this article have links to the appropriate posts to help you decide which which items to buy & help to build a water fed pole system.

Are you going to start a window cleaning business?


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