water tanks for window cleaning

what size water tank do you need for window cleaning?

When choosing your baffled water for your window cleaning van there are many things to consider. First off, all van have a maximum weight they are legally allowed to carry, so you should find out what weight your van can carry.

Once you know what size tank your van can carry, you will need to measure the width and height of the back, and choose from there. Do not pick the highest litre tank that you can find, if you vans max payload is 600 litre go for a 400 – 500 litre. With the driver and any other equipment you will quickly max it out.

500l baffled water tank

This Ecosure 500 litre upright tank is great for a window cleaning van. It’s made in the uk and you can buy it direct for the manufacturer.


  • 1″ BSP outlet
  • Slim design
  • UK made
  • Industrial strength
  • 33kg

Dimensions:H: 1010mm x W:460mm x L:1250mm

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Van wheel arch tanks

If you have a van with not much room in the back then these may be perfect for your business. You secure one on each side of the wheel arches, to even the weight.


  • 400 litres total
  • 20KG
  • 3/4″ bsp outlets

Dimensions: 1000 high x 1100 wide x 340 deep

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Ecosure 400 Litre flat-tank

Another uk made baffled tank, these do take up a lot of room so bear that in mind if buying one.


  • Made from virgin polymer
  • 400 litres
  • 1″ BSP outlet

Dimensions: H:345mm x W:1000mm x L:1240mm

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Window cleaning tank and frame

These types of tanks are the safest you can either buy them pre-made or you can can the frames made yourself. The frame stops the tank hitting you in the back if you crash or do an emergency stop.

Here’s what they look like

You can buy them here

Flat tanks or upright?

Both have advantages and disadvantages, buying a upright tank gives you more room. While flat ones are more safer, and you have storage room on top of it.

Flat tank


  • Safer
  • Distributes the weight evenly


  • Not good when parked on hills

Upright tank


  • More room for storage
  • Can always add another tank if needed


  • Needs to be secured to the floor

Securing your tank

Just putting the tank in the back and filling it up with water is not the way to go. If you want to do every the proper way then having your water tank bolted to the floor is what needs to be done. Or if you have a bulkhead in your van then you could by a layflat tank and secure it with ratchet straps.


It can be an expensive mistake if you buy the wrong baffled tank, so make sure you measure carefully and buy the correct capacity. Make sure you buy a tank that is baffled it makes it safer for transporting water by disrupting the flow of the water.


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