How to start a window cleaning business

I built this website because at one point i was looking at starting a residential window cleaning business, the information i found was all over the place. So after successfully creating my own business, i thought i would share what i learnt.

In this article you will get a general overview on how to start a window cleaning business. But this website has all the information you need on how to become a window cleaner.

Starting a business is not easy, no matter what one you choose to start. If you want to be your own boss and work on your own terms, then this business maybe just for you. There are a lot of steps you have to take before you can start taking on customer’s. And this website goes into detail from beginning the business to getting customers.

Reasons why you should start ASAP

  • Cheap to start with great rewards
  • Don’t have to answer to anyone
  • You can make as much money as you want (if you put the work in)
  • All year round repeat business & one offs
  • Flexible hours

Is window cleaning a good business to start?

Many people think window cleaners are on low income, or they think they can’t get any other job. But that is far from the truth, as long as you charge correct prices you can make a good living. Window cleaning is a good business to start, you are your own boss, high earning potential, and as many hours as you want.  

How much do window cleaners make ?

If you are a working for a window cleaning firm then your not going to make much more than minimum wage. But if your the business owner you can expect to earn between £180 and £300 a day depending on your area and pricing.

The first year your still going to be learning a lot, and your days takings maybe between £100 & £200. But once you have a lot of customers close together then this figure can rise.

Business Name

The first and obvious thing to do is pick a name for your business. You should think about long term goals for your business, are you going to be adding services in the future? Many people add all types of services, including roof cleaning & patio cleaning. So bear this in mind when picking your name, as the name reflects the services you offer.

Legal Structure

The legal structure at the start, is simple just so you can start window cleaning and earning money i would suggest going as a sole trader. This is something you can always change down the line. But the more you think about it the less time your going to be out cleaning windows or finding new customers.

Your going to need insurance so check out our post about: insurance needed for a cleaning business


There are two ways to clean windows and both have pros and cons. The water-fed pole method or traditional window cleaning. The best in my opinion is the water fed pole method, but that’s a discussion for another post.

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  • Can clean hard to reach areas
  • Can use to clean guttering
  • Can clean 3 story building and higher
  • Easy to clean the frames at the same time
  • Safer than trad


  • Higher start up cost
  • More to manage

Traditional Method


  • Some customers prefer this method
  • Cheap start up cost
  • Easy to replace equipment


  • Some windows you will not be able to do
  • Can only work up to 2 story
  • Chance of coming off the ladders

Learn window cleaning

This part is not very difficult to learn, but can take some time to perfect. The best thing for you to do, is once you have bought everything you need. Practice on your own home a lot, then once you confident you can do it. You can start on friends and family’s houses.

Finding customers & marketing your new business

This business can be competitive, so you need to be ahead of your competition. Always look for new ways to get new customers, and try to cover all areas of marketing. You can either offer a cheap service and have customers flooding in. Or you can offer a more professional quality service.

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Staying organised

Once you start getting customers, you need to keep everything organised. From planning your rounds to keeping records of customers and keeping receipts for end of year taxes.

Check out my other blog post about job scheduling softwares and why you need one. Scheduling software

Upselling add on services customers

To increase your turnover there are a lot on add on services you may want for offer. There are a lot to choose from but these are the most common amongst us window cleaners

  • Gutter cleaning inside and outside
  • Cleaning the soffits
  • Conservatory cleaning including roof
  • Roof cleaning
  • Patio & driveway cleaning

But before you start adding additional services, make sure you master window cleaning first then start adding. Otherwise you can get carried away and before you know it your offering babysitting.


Now you maybe getting overwhelmed by everything you have to do. But this website holds your hand and takes you step by step on how to start a window cleaning business. Start your journey to becoming you own boss by reading this First Article.

Instead of using a window cleaning business plan, just go through the articles on this website, where you’ll find everything you need. 

Are you starting a window cleaning business this year?


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