Best window cleaning trolley system

If your going to use a trolley for window cleaning then you should get the best window cleaning trolley system available. Trolleys are easy to push around, and great for busy areas that are out of the way of you car or van. Window cleaning trolleys are not cheap, and you could make a big mistake if you choose the wrong one.

Thats why we put this article together to help you find the best ones and help you make your decision. In this article you will find the best trollies that are most used by window cleaners. And details about all the best features these window cleaning trolleys have to offer you.

Xline 45 litre trolley system

This x-line trolley is one of the best on the market and has lots of features to offer. They are well made and all parts are compact. It holds 45 litres of pure water, which is more than enough to do two small houses before refilling up.

It weighs 20KG without water, so you should take the trolley out of the car or van before filling. They have tyres on, so theres not a lot of noise when your wheeling it about. It does include a battery, and charger so no need to worry about that.

You control the trolley with the digital control panel, turn it on and off, turn the flow up and down. From 0 to 99 with 100psi pump installed and can produce up to 5 litres per minute. This water fed trolley is the complete package.


  • 45 litre
  • Optional control fob
  • Heavy duty wheels
  • Digital controller
  • Battery voltage checker

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Pure freedom trolley

This pure freedom nano trolley, are widely used by window cleaners. You can see from the picture it has a great looking design. Not only does it look good but it also performs good.

This one is the light weight designed one, with a removable lithium ion battery. The company that sells these, say they only have to charged once a week. It has a 100 PSI pump installed and can handle poles up to 80ft, so for residential window cleaning it’s perfect.

25 litre barrels are required for this nano trolley but they are cheap to buy anyway. You also get a 12 month warranty on the trolley and 3 months warranty on the battery. Pure Freedom is a well known brand by window cleaners and have great customer service.


  • Weighs 12.7KG
  • 100PSI pump
  • Speed controler
  • Charges in 1-5hrs

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Window Cleaning Trolley System

This one is cheaper than the previous two. A good thing with this one is that you can use it for window cleaning or soft washing. Because it has a 4 litre per minute diaphragm chemical resistant pump installed.

Has telescopic handles, to make it more easier to push around. Weather your using it out of your car or van this would be a great choice if your starting on a smaller budget.


  • 4 litre per minute
  • Chemical resistance
  • Self-priming

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Water Genie Trolley system

The next one on the list is the water genie, releasing by the cleaning warehouse. With this one all you have to do if fill with water and off you go. It has the average 25 litre water capacity, but you don’t need to keep refilling the same one. Take spare full barrels in your car or van then just switch them out when empty.

It has a 100PSI water genie pump, with a flow rate of 5.2 litres per minute. And 99 flow settings, with a hydro flo intelligent pump controller. Deep cycle battery that lasts for a week or more. If you need window washing systems and haven’t chosen yet this one maybe for you.


  • 5.2 litres per minute
  • 26AH battery
  • 100psi pump
  • weighs 23KGs

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Aquaspray Trolley

The Aquaspray trolley is great for many different uses not just window cleaning. A great thing with this one is that is comes with a hose reel with 50m of hose. So you can just turn up at a property, leave the trolley at the front and clean the whole job without pushing it around.

Installed is a 2 stage water filter to help avoid blockages from small bits of dirt. It only weighs 6KG which is extremely light compared to others on the market. It does only hold 20 litres of water which is a bit less than i would like it to hold.

You also get a 30ft water fed pole thats made from lightweight aerospace aluminium. It has a cushioned handle, to make it more comfortable when cleaning windows. On their own these are sold for around £140.


  • 12v 9AH battery
  • Hose reel with hose
  • 3.6 litres per minute
  • Pole weight: 2.6KG

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Finding the right water fed pole window cleaning systems for sale can be a difficult task if you don’t know what to look for. The last thing you want when you start your business is to buy items thats are the wrong ones or not needed. All the ones listed on this page are highly recommend and are used by a lot of window cleaners al over the UK.

Have you started you window cleaning business yet?


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