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If you landed on this page because your looking for the best window cleaning pole, then your in the right place. Finding the right water fed pole for your window cleaning business is important. From someone inexperienced, it may seem like a pole is a pole, but it’s not.

Water fed poles are all different, from design to material, and of course prices. In this article, you will find out what to look for when purchasing your window cleaning pole. And a list of the pole’s that we recommend for residential window cleaning.

Facelift Phantom Hybrid

This Hybrid phantom is the first on the list because, because in my opinion its the one i like the most. One of the best things i like about this one is that they have newly designed clamps that are glue less. Which makes things nice and easy when they need to be changed.

And the clamps have red rubber inserts that wear out before your pole will wear out. A major problem that a lot of window cleaners face when using a water fed pole is spinning sections of the pole. And these clamps help stop that spinning that we all hate.

This model comes in five different sizes, i would advise a mid range size like the 22ft or 25ft model. If you choose the 18ft you may not be able to clean some windows that are harder to reach.

Its made from composite carbon, which means the material is glass fibre and carbon fibre mixed. Customers of the pole say its sturdy and easy to use & the best pole they have ever bought.


  • Self aligning lever
  • No glue needed
  • All parts are replaceable


You can find this pole here

Ova8 pole

This ova8 pole from streamline, is made with carbon fibre. It comes a many different sizes to suit all your needs. This is not just another carbon fibre pole though, it has been specially designed in the shape of an oval.

It is made this way to prevent the pole from spinning, also the shape helps with the stiffness. Which gives you more control, and stability with will be a lot more safer when working fully extended.

Not only do you just get the pole but you also get the double trim brush, and tubing and adjustable gooseneck. The price is a bit expensive if your just starting up your window cleaning business.


  • Non spin
  • Carbon fibre
  • Adjustable gooseneck

You can find this pole here

SLX Carbon Fibre Pole

This one is also loved window cleaners, this one is made from carbon fibre so will be lighter than the other two i have mentioned. The price is a bit more but thats because it’s lighter an stronger.

With the 22ft version, it comes in 5 sections and gardiner smart clamps. The clamps are designed to last longer than previous versions. When you extend the pole there is a red part at the bottom, so you know when to stop extending the pole.

It does come with a brush head, that maybe different at the time of you reading this article. Comes with a angle adaptor and quick release for you to switch brush heads.


  • Quick release brush head
  • Carbon fibre
  • Weight – 1270g


You can find this pole here


The Evolution pro is the cheaper option out of the three. And a great entry level water fed pole to get started with if your setting up with a lower budget. The standard price just for the pole is just over £100 but your going to need a brush, pipe angle adaptor ETC.

Its the carbon composite version, which is 65% carbon fibre and 35% fibre glass, which brings the weight of the pole to 1.2KG. Which is fairly light compare to a lot of other window cleaning poles.

I use to use one of these and i can tell you the only problem i found with it was, that it stand about 6ft before you extend it.


  • Weight 1.2KG
  • Choose your own options
  • Mostly carbon fibre

You can find this pole here

Other pole that is cheaper just to get you started

Although this is not the best waterfed pole in this list, it’s a great one to get you started with. And is what i started with myself it’s the cheapest one on this article, with a price that is just over £100.

This one comes in three different sizes, 20ft, 24ft and 30ft models, and is made from lightweight aluminium. It has a three way connector where the brush is for a squeegee, but i just cut my one off.


  • 6ft before extending
  • 2.34KG
  • Foam handle

You can find this pole here


If your looking for the best window cleaning pole for a beginner window cleaner, then these poles are perfect. You can use these for cleaning window, conservatories, garages, UPVC and many other things.

They all have there pros and cons, but it’s really about just buying one as soon as possible so you can start your window cleaning business.

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