domestic water fed window cleaning kit

Setting up a window cleaning business can be difficult, if you have never done window cleaning before. You probably don’t know what items to buy, and how to put it all together. If you would like to buy it all separately check out Equipment needed.

Buying a complete water fed pole system is surely the easier option to go when getting started. Although the price maybe higher, you know that everything you buy will work together.

In this article we will show you all the best water fed pole systems, that are beginner friendly. Taking you through everything you get with each purchase and all the features each set up brings. Now lets take a look at these 6 different telescopic window cleaning kits.

250 Litre set-up

The first one on the list is this 250litre system, which is also one of the cheapest we have listed. It’s great for someone that is on a budget, and ants the full system. It has a 250 litre baffled tank, which should last for around 8-10 houses before needing to be refilled.

It comes with a 300GPD reverse osmosis system, which means it will produce 300 gallons of water per day if set up correctly. You also get a hose reel with 100 meters of 8mm microbore hose.

You get a 100 psi water genie pump and water genie pump controller, and a handheld tds meter for testing your water. A fibreglass water fed pole which is 18ft and comes with the brush head.

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Telescopic window cleaning kit 

This is a 500 litre package, which comes with the 500 litre baffled tank, which should last you a full days window cleaning. The reverse osmosis is also a 300GPD one that is 5 stage  and has a DI chamber, and comes with all filters and resin.

You get a 100PSI shurflo pump which is highly recommend by most window cleaners, and very reliable and last a long time. The pump you get will link up to the hydroflow pump controller to control your flow rate.
The metal hose reel has a 8mm hose, and comes with all fittings. Also comes with a hammerhead 18 ft fibre glass water fed pole, hose and brush. Its not the best one, but will do to get your business started. A great thing with this one is that they supply you with a instruction guide that shows you how to connect everything.

Trolley system

If you don’t like the van mounted systems, then this package maybe a better choice for you. Some people prefer a trolley or backpack over the van mounted system, thats why i have listed this one here.

You don’t get as many items for your money, when you buy this. The trolley you get is from a well known brand pure freedom. The battery will last a whole working day, and are very well built.

It does come with a 200GPD RO system, which is lower than the previous two but will still produce enough water. A 17ft glass fibre pole with a brush and hose ready to use.

You only get one 25litre barrel, so your more than likely going to have to buy more of those, to keep you going.

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Water Genie Pro-Lite 350Litre

If you got a bit more money to spend on a complete water fed pole system. Or just want a professional looking set-up then this one maybe for you. This water genie Pro-Lite is more expensive than the ones above, which is to be expected.

The price really reflects in what you get for your money. Installed is a top of the range 4040 stainless steel reverse osmosis membrane. They are designed for a lifetime of use, these are commercial grade.

It also has a 7 litre DI vessel, which comes with new tulsion resin. It has a 100PSI pump that pumps 5litres per minute, with a pump controller. These systems are designed to be installed in the back of your van.

The only downside to buying one of these over the others is. You still need to buy a pole, hose reel and hose pipe to be ready for the windows.

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Professional 500litre system

This is a 500 litre baffled tank and everything you see comes with it when you purchase it.  First off, you get a 5 stage 200 gallon per day reverse osmosis, with 10inch membranes and a small DI chamber filled with resin.

Like other ones in this article you get the top of the range 100PSI shurflo pump, with a strainer. That will be controlled by a flow master digital controller. And they both comes pre-wired to a panel, which is ready to be connected to your battery.

You get the hose reel you see with the 8mm microbore hose pipe, which is pre-assembled. Lastly is the 17ft professional xtel pole with braided hose, that are easier to manage.

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Pure freedom 650L window cleaning system

As you can see from the picture, this is a professional piece of kit. This ones the most expensive one that we have listed in this article. If your looking for the best water fed pole system, then you have found it.

This domestic water fed window cleaning kit could also be used for commercial, as its the 650 litre version. And anyone that sees this will know that you mean business. You get a 40inch RO system and x2 20inch Pre-Filters.

The RO system has been designed to cope with areas that have hard water, and can fill the 650litre baffled tank in about 6 to 7 hours. A great feature is the auto shut off valve that will stop filling the tank once full with pure water.

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Wether your looking for a domestic water fed pole window cleaning kit or for small commercial jobs all these systems are ideal. And are great for beginners to use as everything is ready to be connected and to be used. These are big investments to a lot of people so you could always by all the equipment separately.

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