how to get customers for window cleaning

This part of the window cleaning business may be the most difficult if your not a salesperson. It can get frustrating when your knocking on doors or delivering leaflets and getting no response. But the best way to get customers and grow your window cleaning round is to cover all of these marketing avenues.

Some of the ideas may not produce leads or customers for everyone that tries them. But just move on to the next one and see how that goes.

My favorite is facebook ads

Facebook groups

I put this one first, because this is how i got my first few customers. And i still got 95% of the customers on my books. The first thing you need to do is figure out what areas your going to cover.

I would advise not to do any in your own area, but that up to you. I started just outside my area and within 5 miles from my hometown.

  • Find you local buy and selling groups
  • Post your ad in the groups
  • Quote your new customers

First of you need to find all your local buy and sell groups located in the area you won’t to cover and join them. The bigger the group the better.

Create a post that will entice new customers to sign up with you. Weather that’s 1st clean free or 50% off first clean. Most new window cleaners set up in the summer get customers then dump them once the cold weather comes back. So you might want to make a post about be reliable and your offer a all year round service.

Try different posts in different groups then the post that gets the most response, use that in the others groups. The last step is to get their information and give them a quote, and tell them how often you will be around.

If you need to learn how to price jobs take a look at this post > How to charge for window cleaning service

Facebook ads for window cleaning

This method is my favourite one, and this is what brings in the most customers for my business. If your new to facebook ads then your probably going to have a difficult time getting it right. But once you got it right then you can get a great ROI.

See our how to Guide: Facebook ads for a cleaning business


A lot of people seem to have a lot of success with this one but i currently do not. Sometimes you can walk into a street and pick up 0 customers. But then other days you can go in a different street and pick up 7 or 8 customers.

It’s simple to do, just make sure you look professional when out knocking doors. Take a note pads and some leaflets with you.

  • Knock the doors
  • Ask if they have a window cleaner
  • Take down details

It’s really that simple, and you can grow your round fast by using this method, if you don’t mind knocking on doors.

Paying a canvassing company

If you have the money, and want to grow quickly this may be the option for you. Although it can be expensive.


  • Fast & compact work
  • Great for people that don’t like knocking doors
  • Get as much work as you want


  • Pricing can be x3 the amount of work they get you
  • Takes months to break even
  • They price the work and can pick up shit work

Creating your own website

Getting a website not only makes your business look more professional, but can also get you new customers. If your looking to get customers through your website, then you should be patient. As it can take months for your website to start ranking in the search engines.

Once set-up correct, and your window cleaning website is ranking, you can get customers by getting them to fill in forms or by ringing your number.

Follow our step by step guide to create your business website

Google ads

If your like me and don’t like cold calling then google ads may be a great option for you. Because your going to be targeting local keywords in your local area your less likely to be paying a high price for your clicks.

This method can be another great marketing option, for a great ROI on your money. The ads a simple to set up, just search on places like youtube and you can get full tutorials showing you the ins and outs.


You can get a mixed response delivering leaflets. I have heard of some people posting 1000 leaflets and only getting 4 calls from them. And i have heard people posting around 500 and getting 10 new customers.

It all depends on the area you target, the less competition in the area the better the response you’re going to get. The best thing to do, is to post as many as possible all in different areas. I got my partner to post some for me. She posted about 450 leaflets and i got 2 calls and signed up one customer.

Leaflets are so cheap, and if you buy 5000, once all posted you will definitely get a few customers from them.  


All these marketing & advertising ideas for window cleaning, will work if done correctly. And if you really want customers for your business, then you should try all of the ideas above. Test them all out and whichever provides a good amount of customers for a good price stick to that one.


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