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What Cleaning Supplies Are Needed For a House Cleaning Business?

After doing research on house cleaning business, getting a name for your business, and acquiring the right papers to start operation. It’s now time to get the supplies needed for you cleaning business.

Having the right house cleaning supplies helps you to remain well organized and efficient in your cleaning work.

What house cleaning supplies do I need to get the job done? Our checklist below will help you to gather the right house cleaning supplies to perform any type of house cleaning that arises.

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Here is the cleaning supplies list for your cleaning business:  

House cleaning supplies checklist

  • Glass Cleaner – there is a wide range of glass cleaners that you can lay your hands on and they in clue Karcher 500 ml glass cleaning concentrate for windows, Windolene window cleaner spray, Minky – M Cloth glass & window and much more. 
  • Cleaning bucket – a good cleaning bucket should be divided into two so that one side holds the cleaning solution and the other clean water for rinsing. A good example of such a bucket is Addis utility cleaning caddy with twin compartment. 
  • Microfiber scrub pads – get the right pads for your spray mop. Some of the popular microfiber pads are from Vicloon and Aneco. 
  • Disinfectant cleaner – this is very important, especially if the home you intend to clean has pets in the house. 
  • Soap scum remover – this is used to clean the bathtub or shower caddy. Products like Marblelife tile shower soap scam remover or Mr Muscle soap scum remover work great. 
  • Toothbrushes – you can use old toothbrushes to break up tough grime and they easily fit in tight places. Also, they can be used to clean the shower head and kitchen sink. 
  • Furniture polish – there are so many furniture polishes on the market. Choose the right polish for different types of wood furniture. For instance, there is Bee beautiful pure beeswax furniture and wood silk silicone free spray polish. 
  • Chemical trigger sprayers – choose a trigger that has a greater resistance to chemicals and solvents such as the chemical hunt dual action calibrated chemical triggers sprayer bottles. 
  • Mini grout brush – you also need to have a grout brush for cleaning grout, fixtures, and small areas. 
  • 3m light duty scrubs pads and holder – these can be used to clean different surfaces. They can also clean stainless steel, copper, chrome, porcelain, and ceramic. A good example is the 3M Scotch-Brite light duty cleaning pads. 
  • Plastic scrapers – these are great for scraping hard to remove or sticky substances on the floor. 
  • Degreaser – choose a gunk remover or degreaser that is environmentally friendly. A good degreaser is the gunk 6868 5l ultra engine degreaser 
  • Microfiber damp dusting cloths – these have a wide range of uses such as polishing, waxing, dusting, and washing. Get quality cloths like Exel microfiber super magic cleaning cloths or masthome cleaning cloths. 
  • Cleaning apron – instead of wearing any clothes, have cleaning aprons with your brand printed on them. 
  • Vacuum cleaner – you need to have a vacuum cleaner for carpets and hard floors. Some of the best vacuum cleaners are from iRobot, Shark, and Hoover brands. 
  • Premium microfiber glass cloths – these are suitable for cleaning glass and windows. 
  • Microfiber short duster – this can be used to dust picture frames and other delicate items. I recommend the smart microfiber XL duster, Oxo good grips microfiber hand duster, and pangda bendable microfiber. 
  • Microfiber wet mops pads – select mop pads that can easily fit on any mop such as URAQT microfiber 3 pack refill mop cleaning pads. 
  • Microfiber heavy-duty waffle cloths – these are excellent for removing of excess water, dust, and loose particles from hard surfaces.
  • Toilet bowl brush – acquire the best toilet bowl brush such as Joseph Joseph Bathroom Flex toilet brush with holder or Addis closed toilet brush set.  
  • Pumice stone stick – this is for removing toilet bowl ring, bath, kitchen, pool, or even household. Some of the best pumice stone stick to try out is Juvale pumice stone for cleaning or Shinymod pumice cleaning stone with handle. 
  • PH neutral floor cleaner – this is utilized for cleaning all kinds of floors and tough surfaces. This includes marble, terrazzo, rubber, glass, vinyl, and much more. Jangro, HG neutral, and Filacleaner are some of the best PH neutral cleaners in the UK. 
  • Microfiber long duster – these are ideal for tough angles and they trap and dust and particles like a magnet. 
  • Knee pads – since you will be kneeling on your knees a lot as you work under the table or bed, you need these to protect your knees. Consider picking one of these; Everstarke knee pads, Rolson 82711 gel knee pads, and Vitrex 338160 knee pads. 
  • Shoe covers – during washing or cleaning the floor, you will need to cover your shoes so that water doesn’t spoil them. This is where shoe covers such as 2win2buy reusable washable shoe covers come in. 
  • Microfiber dust mitt – this is for dusting and polishing. Some of the popular dusting mitts are Quickie microfiber mitt and JML microfiber super mitt. 
  • Laundry bags – these are ideal for storing things. Consider buying DoGeek laundry bags, Deco express laundry bags, or even Eono essentials mesh laundry bags. 
  • Disposable nitrile cleaning gloves – buy affordable and quality disposable gloves from brands like Touchflex Blue Nitrile, Ansio vinyl, and Kingfisher. 
  • Microfiber dust mop pads – they are great for cleaning all kinds of floors from slab, kitchen, hardwood to ceramic, cement, laminate or vinyl. Some of the popular brands include Vileda, E-cloth, and Vorfreude. 
  • Wet floor signs – floor signs are important if you are going to clean in a busy area or home. These help to notify people if the floor is slippery and avoid accidents. Some of the best floor signs are Robert Scott wet floor sign, RC pack of 5 wet floor signs, TheChemicalHut wet floor signs, and Luck Duck four pack caution wet floor sign. 


These are the most popular house cleaning supplies that many house cleaning businesses should have when they visit their clients. You are free to add some more or remove others, depending on the type of cleaning you’re going to engage in. But with this house cleaning supplies checklist, you should be ready to roll. 

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