window cleaning pump controllers

Window cleaning pump controllers, are an important part of the setup. The controller controls the flow of the water that comes out of the water fed pole. You can turn the water flow up or down depending on the type of job that your on.

There are many different controllers, the really cheap diy ones just turn the water flow up or down. The more expensive ones, have uses such as slit relays, and dead end detection.

If you don’t use one then your pump will be running at the highest rate and will end up burning your pump out. So don’t try to save a bit of money by not buying one as it will end up costing you more in the long run.

Varistream pump controller

The varistream controller is one of the most used by window cleaner. It auto compensates water flow to ensure the flow is consistent. Simple to operate with just the + and – buttons, no need to calibrate as they work straight out of the box


  • Simple to use
  • No calibration needed

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Flowmaster digital pump controller


The flowmaster digital pump controller allows a pressure range from 0 – 99. It remembers the last setting you leave it on, so whatever setting you leave it on will be the same the next day. You can check the battery voltage at anytime, so you know how much battery you have left.

A great feature with this one, is if you have a pump with no pressure switch, it will detect the flow of water stopping and shut-off.


  • Voltage checker
  • Easy setup

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Water genie pump controller – built in battery charger

This is my favorite one out of the lot, and it’s got to be one of the best on the market today. This offers more than any other we have talked about on here. The best bit being if you buy this water genie controller, you don’t need to buy a split relay as there is one installed.

Just wire it up to your van battery, and it will charge your second battery while driving. This one also has a voltage checker to check your battery power. The unit is sealed to stop water from getting in and damaging it.


  • Battery voltage
  • Control 0-99
  • Dead end detection
  • Built in split relay

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There are many water pump controllers on the market for window cleaning. And choosing the right one can be difficult, if you have only just started your window cleaning business. Choose the right one first, and get your business off to a flying start.


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