Taking payments for your window cleaning business

Taking payments for your window cleaning business, requires a bit more thought than just taking cash. There will be many properties you clean, that you will probably never see or meet the customers. So you need ways for customers pay other than by paying cash.

In this article you will find all the most common ways of getting paid as a window cleaner, and how to set your customers up to the payment methods mentioned. There are up sides as well as downsides with all of the payment methods.

I offer the first three methods in my business as they work best for me. And i think they are the best ways of getting paid. But we added more because we want you to choose your own methods, and window cleaners use all the ways we mension.

Payment Methods

  1. Cash
  2. Bank Transfer
  3. Direct Debit
  4. Cheque
  5. Paypal
  6. Payment on your website

Out of all these payment methods Direct Debit is the best way and should be your prefered method. You can streamline your business by introducing this method, and it will help with cash flow in your business.

Cash Payments

Cash is the easiest way of taking payment and is the most used way of taking payments. Customers can pay you if they are home, or they can leave the money in a safe place. And it’s nice to finish a day of cleaning windows, and have all that money in your pocket.


  • Get paid the same day if the customers in
  • You can reinvest the money the same day


  • Collecting money in the evenings
  • Need to keep change on you
  • Cash flow

Although taking cash payment affects your cash flow in your business, you can eliminate two of the cons. If you really need the money and don’t mind collecting from you customers that up to to you.

But if you want your business to be more profitable avoid collecting all together, and just add the balance over to the next clean. Don’t do this with new customers, as they may just cancel your services just to save the money they owe you.

If you have had the customer for at least two or three cleans, you can usually get and idea if they will pay your or not. I have many customers that build up two or three cleans, before i catch them at home to make payment. And of course you will not need to carry money around with you.

Direct Debit

This is my favorite way for my customers to pay. The customer don’t need to be in at the time of the clean or they don’t need to have money on them. No more chasing your customers to pay you. It is really a great way to get paid for your services you offer.


  • You know your going to get paid
  • Monthly or one off payments
  • Less admin
  • No collecting


  • Takes 5-7 days to process
  • Hard to sign customers up
  • Small fees

Along with taking monthly payments, if you do a one off job like a gutter clean you can also you can also take that payment from the customer. There are no monthly fees, but there is a 1% per transaction fee.

If you wish to sign customers up to direct debit, take a look at the post about signing customers up. GOCARDLESS POST If you want to stay ahead of your competition then you should offer this payment option.

Bank Transfer

Another great way of getting paid is by bank transfer. Just post your slip with your price, and your customer pays with the details you provide. On your payment slips make sure you have something stating payment should be paid within 48HRS.


  • Customer don’t need to be in at time of clean
  • Less cash you need to carry
  • Money goes straight into your account


  • Some people take the piss to pay
  • More admin involved

If you end up getting a lot of customers paying by bank transfer, it can become a nightmare. Tracking customers payments can sometimes be difficult, as not all of them puts the right information as reference.  


This is a simple one to offer in addition to other methods. If you offer cash and the customer says they haven’t got any offer them to pay by cheque. Simple as that


Paypal is offered to my customers if they can’t pay any other ways. A lot of people use it because it’s secure, and a well known company.  

Payments on your website

Taking payments on your website, is great for your business. Because sending them to make a payment on your website gives you the chance to upsell them, on other services while they are there.

You can get them to pay for your services direct on your website. Or get them to sign up to Direct Debit.


Once your window washing business is off the ground, you will start to learn what options are best for you. Offering all of above may get overwhelming, i offer direct debit first then if a customer is not happy to sign up. That’s when i will offer them cash or bank transfer as a second option.

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