How to charge for window cleaning service

You’re probably wondering how to charge for your window cleaning service. Great news in this post we are going to help you with your pricing strategy. When you first start a window cleaning business, it can be difficult to get everything right first time.

That’s why we put this website together to help inexperienced window cleaners with everything from what equipment to buy to getting your first customers. Prices may vary depending on what area of the uk you live in, so all the prices mentioned are average.

A lot of window cleaners charge double on the first clean depending on how bad the windows are. But if your only just starting your business i wouldn’t recommend doing this until you have enough customers on your round.

Pricing Windows

When pricing up your customers property make sure you check properly. Tell the customer you’ll take a look around their property then give them a knock after you finished looking. If you have to take your notepad and count the different types of windows and write it down.

Here’s what you should charge depending on size

  • Bay windows – £3
  • Hard to reach windows – £2
  • Standard windows – £1
  • Conservatory  £5 – £15
  • Velux £2 – £4

You should adjust your price accordingly, the smaller they are the less you charge and the bigger they are the more you charge. Whatever price structure you put together, make sure you stick to it. Because you would be cleaning sallies windows for the price based on your structure. And she might be talking to sue that you priced up cheaper.

Also if a customer wants just the front of their house done, price it up using the number above plus add 1 or 2 pound. And the same goes for customers that choose 8weekly over 4 weekly add a few quid on top, as the windows will be dirtier.

External Guttering

This is a tough job to do, so don’t undercut yourself when pricing. Some people charge £10 a side and other charge £40 a side, so try to come in the middle. Guttering is difficult to quote if you have different types of properties.

The average price is around £3.50 – £5.00 per meter. Or you can price per type of property, but also have a minimum charge. For terrace you can charge £40, semi detached property £55, and detached £65 or just charge for the time you think it’s going to take.

Conservatory roof

Cleaning a conservatory roof pays well, once you get the cleaning part right. You should start your prices from £15 for small ones. Then people usually charge per pane, the average price per pane is £5. If your customer has 20 small panes, you should adjust your price accordingly.

Some customers will want the entire roof cleaned including the UPVC, so make sure to ask if they want that cleaned as well.  


Always make sure you set a minimum charge, so if you go to a bungalow with 8 windows don’t charge £8 charge you minimum. You should be aiming to hit £20+ per hour, when you first start your properties will be spread out.

But if you pick a customer up in a different location, to where you usually clean. Don’t worry because your more than likely to pick more up in the same street.

When giving your customer your prices, do it with confidence and don’t let them haggle with you, the price is the price. Tell them why you charge what you do for me that is all frames, sills and doors cleaned every time.


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