best leisure battery for window cleaning

As part of your window cleaning setup your going to need to get the best leisure battery for window cleaning. All the batteries we list here are used by many different window cleaners around the uk. When choosing you battery try to buy one with the most amp hours, as this will determine how long you can use it for on any given day.

Why you need a leisure battery

If you’re setting up a new window cleaning business your going to need some power to run your pump and controller. Leisure batteries a perfect for this type of use, as they are designed to be run flat unlike the standard car batteries.

Difference between leisure battery and car battery

A battery on a car is designed to give large amounts of current for short bursts, to help with starting the car. And if used for long periods of time such as running a pump, it can shorten the life of the battery.

Where as a leisure battery is the opposite, and can produce a steady current over a long periods. And can be run flat over and over again and will not get damaged unlike a car battery.

SuperBatt CB22MF

This superbatt CB22MF leisure battery is the cheapest out of the ones listed here. Ideal for starting a window cleaning business, it’s 12v 85AH, you get 2 years warranty with it. 

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120AH SuperBatt DT120

This leisure battery is a bit more expensive than the previous one. It’s a heavy duty 12v 120AH deep cycle, so it will last a bit longer than the one above. You also get 2 years warranty when you purchase it. 

The first one is great for a while but might not last the full day, so your going to end up buying a bigger battery in the future, so why not start with a bigger one in the start.

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Using a leisure battery is important, and are what most window cleaners use. These two we have listed are perfect for window cleaning, but any leisure battery you find you can use. Just check the Amps Per hour, as the higher it is the longer it will last you.

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