Best window cleaning backpack

I recently bought a backpack for my window cleaning business, and have spent weeks deciding on which one to buy. My first thought was just to buy the cheapest one as possible, but I’m glad i didn’t. And i ended up going for the gardiner V3 that is first in the list.

Window cleaning backpacks are great to use on their own or to use alongside a van mounted system. So wether you got a van system or just going to use it on its own this post will give you everything you need.

gardiner backpack V3

This was probably the best investment in my business i made. Filling it up is simple, just unscrew the cap and pour your pure water in. And it the water goes through a filter, to stop any dirt getting through to the pump. When filled right to the brim, it will hold 22.75 litres of water. I fill mine right up to the brim and i can clean a full house before re-filling with water.

These are the most recommend backpacks by window cleaners, and i can see why. You can buy some that are a bit cheaper, but won’t come close to these. They are not just cheap and won’t fall apart, they feel quality and look professional.

Installed is a 12v quiet 60psi pump, which is more than enough for cleaning you average house. Also has a variable flow rate, via a little knob on the side that will just from 1 – 2.3 litres per minute. It has a switch that will put your flow on full blast or on to the flow you set yourself.


  • 60PSI pump
  • 22.75 litre capacity
  • weighs 8KG without water
  • up to 9 hours use
  • 1-5 charge time

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Facelift big boy backpack

Now if you haven’t already made your mind up with the first option, we have two others to show you. This first one is the facelift bigboy backpack from windowcleanwarehouse. It also hold 22 litres of water which is similar to the one above.

This one also has the option of having it on full flow or at the flow rate that you set yourself. On the companies website theres not that much information about the product so i had to do some searching around. And i have found that it does about 4 litres a minute which is pretty good. And the pump does auto shut off when under pressure.


  • Lightweight
  • 4litres a minute
  • Holds 22 litres

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water genie backpack

The last one on the list is the cheapest but not by much. Hundreds of these have been sold, so they must be extremely liked by window cleaners. It has a little handle with small wheels, so you can pull this one around with you. Like the other two it has a variable control to change your flow speed and a voltage meter to check how much charge you have left.

The company offers a 12 month warranty with this, which is good. Installed is a maintenance free 12v 7ah battery that should last you up to 6 hours.

Check Current Price And See Reviews

Although they are called backpacks it’s not recommend that you carry them on your back. I have tried it on myself when full of water, and it’s a backbreaker. They are ideal for when you need to get over hedges or longer distances where your hose won’t be long enough.

You should be able to clean a full house off a backpack full of water, if you don’t at first you may have to turn your flow rate down a little. Once you master using one of these you won’t regret buying one.

If you don’t care about price, or the look of the backpacks then it don’t matter which one you buy as they all do the same thing. But many window cleaners would prefer the gardiner backpack followed by the water genie.


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