What insurance is needed for a cleaning business?

Let your cleaning business shine with the right insurance.

Depending on the nature, type and size of your cleaning business, protecting you and your company against any risk is of utmost priority. You cannot predict the future and even the safest and most conscious business owner might have to deal with potential risks and accidents in the future.

The right insurance needed for a cleaning business if one of the most significant expenses for your business, yet often underestimated.   As a business owner, it is your responsibility to obtain the right coverage for your business, not only to protect yourself, but also your clients .

After all the hard work of setting up your company, you owe it to yourself to safeguard your cleaning business. Choosing the right type of insurance is, therefore, essential to reduce any risks and financial losses.

After all, it is not uncommon for accidents to occur, whether it is damaging any goods of your clients during your work or an injury of your employee while working for you.

What type of insurances is needed for a cleaning business?

In general, the most necessary insurances for your cleaning business are public liability insurance and, in case you employ anyone, you are legally obliged to take out employer’s liability insurance. 

Public liability insurance

Public liability insurance is a fundamental coverage for your cleaning business. It is essential to know that, even though it is not a legal requirement, this type of insurance is usually taken out by most companies around the UK that interact with the public. 

As a cleaning business, your day to day tasks will involve interactions with clients as you will most likely carry out your services on client sites and their premises. And as it is generally known, accidents do happen from time to time, it is a risk every business has to consider.

This type of insurance covers you against accusations or compensation claims in case of any damage to the property you worked on or injuries that have happened while carrying out your service. Typically, this type of insurance covers compensation payments, repair or replacements of damaged goods and medical fees.

It also covers your legal expenses while you defend any of the claims mentioned above. With a public liability cover, you have peace of mind if something should happen. Most insurance companies in the UK offer coverage of £1 million to £10 million. 

Employer’s liability insurance

As your business grows, or if you already operate a cleaning business with employees, you have the legal obligation to take out employer’s liability insurance. Keep in mind that this applies to all types of staff you hire, whether they work part-time, or only have a short-term contract with you.

As soon as someone works for you, whether employed or self-employed, employer’s liability insurance will most certainly be a legal requirement. 

The reason for this is simple: While hiring staff, your responsibility grows beyond yourself and your business, and this carries even more risks. While you might have good health and safety practices already in place, your employees could injure themselves or become seriously ill while working for you. 

In any event of injury or illness, employer’s liability insurance will have you covered and help you to deal with any claims from your employees. As with public liability insurance,  most providers offer coverage of a standard amount of £10 million.

Other types of insurances you might want to consider

Like most businesses, you do not only want to settle for the minimum essential coverage. As a cleaning business, you should look into other types of insurances that are out there to protect your business.

For example, business equipment insurance to cover any risks concerning your tools and products, or business legal protection insurance, as there will be a chance that you will need legal help and support in the future. 

However, most insurance companies are providing comprehensive policies, where you can add additional covers specifically for your business. 

What are the costs for cleaning business insurances?

Depending on the type, size and nature of the cleaning business you own, the costs for insurance can vary and are tailored to your companies specific needs. For example, domestic cleaning business insurance will differ from commercial cleaning business insurance as insurance costs for small business owners are likely going to be less expensive than for a national cleaning business.

Other factors that will influence your domestic cleaning insurance average costs are your business location, the time that you have spent running your business, and any additional covers that you might want to include in your insurance policy.

As you dig in deeper, you will find that there are several insurance companies out there that offer free quotes for your cleaning business. Take your time to compare quotes from different insurance companies, as sometimes it can save you a great deal of money.

Make sure to provide accurate and up-to-date information to ensure getting the right quote and insurance tailored to your business.  Every cleaning business is unique and has its individual needs, exact quotes can only be given by insurance companies themselves. However, there are several deals out there where you can protect your business and your employees starting from just around £ 100 – £120 a year.

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For a start, you can get free quotes at SimplyBusiness, Hiscox and Axa, three of the leading insurance companies in the UK that also specialize in cleaning businesses and who offer a wide range of additional coverages.

Always keep in mind while the costs of insurances may vary, and might have an impact on your expenses. Disputing a claim without proper coverage will undoubtedly lead to a tremendous financial loss for your cleaning business, so take your time and choose your insurance policy wisely.

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