karcher pro puzzi 400 carpet cleaner review

From one of Germany’s most popular and trust cleaning appliance and houseware brands Karcher comes the Puzzi 400 1100-2300 spray-extraction cleaner. Boasting a truly impressive suction and cleaning power combined with a wide variety of tools, cleaning carpets and other upholstery has never been made this easy.

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A karcher pro puzzi 400 carpet cleaner review


  • Power: 1200 watts
  • Weight: 9.8 kg
  • Cleaning width: 24 cm
  • Tank capacity (clean): 8 L
  • Tank capacity (dirty): 7 L
  • Cord length: 7.5 m
  • Hose length: 2.5 m

Pros and Cons – Summary:

  • Top-notch, industrial strength cleaning and suction power
  • Large capacity tanks make cleaning large areas easy and convenient
  • Compact and portable design
  • Easy to clean
  • Machine operates very loudly – noise may be uncomfortable for some people
  • High price may not be worth it if you own a small home

Features and Benefits

Cleaning Power

While similar competing products in the market may have a similar motor capacity, Karcher have maximised this power with great technological design to make their karcher puzzi 400 simply a beast. Boasting an air flow rate of 61 litres-per-second, the Puzzi 400 is simply phenomenal and nearly unmatched in its performance.

As with many powerful carpet cleaners, the Puzzi 400 suffers from the same downside – the product is very loud. Running the machine in its recommended setting, with its industrial strength motor, can definitely fill a small house with echoes of its busily whirring engine. As such, the Puzzi 400 is definitely best used during the daytime.

Regardless of the mentioned caveat, the Karcher Puzzi 400 1100-2300 spray-extraction cleaner is definitely a cleaning marvel thanks to its spray-extraction dual mode technology. While many machines do this as well, they do so at the same time all the time. Any pre-treatment solutions are sprayed or applied separately. For the Puzzi 400, this spraying technology has been built in.

In effect, the Puzzi has three modes: Spray, Extraction, and Combined. During the spray mode, you can use the machine to pre-treat your carpets before vacuuming. This will allow an initial dissolution of the deep fibres of the carpet before you clean them.

This is best followed with the combined mode, which flushes the debris and stain within the carpet then vacuuming them out. Finally, a pass with the extraction mode allows any remnants to be cleaned away while at the same time drying the carpet as well.

Karcher attests that any carpet or upholstery cleaned by the Puzzi carpet cleaner should be dry “in minutes”. Based on testing, the carpet usually dries within half an hour. Of course, this timeframe will depend on a variety of factors, including the type of carpet and the general weather and humidity during the time of cleaning.

Apart from your home’s carpet floors, the Karcher Puzzi 400 1100-2300 can also be used to clean any upholstery surfaces, may it be couches, dinner seats, pillows, or even car interiors. The Puzzi 400 does the same powerful clean on these surfaces while at the same time leaving no damage on the surface of your upholstery.

The Puzzi 400 uses Karcher’s own cleaning formula which complements the power of the cleaner very well. The solution is gentle on the carpet, leaving them smelling fresh and feeling like new.

Tank Capacity

The carpet cleaner comes with the standard and typical two-tank set-up separating the clean water from the dirty water. What is different about Karcher’s design is you won’t need to clean two tanks once finished.

The Puzzi 400’s clean tank is built in behind the machine. The dirty tank is then housed in a separate compartment in front, which you can drain by simply lifting and removing the detachable bucket.

Once you are finished cleaning your carpet or upholstery, you can then just detach the cleaning attachment from the hose and then vacuum out the remaining fresh water into the dirty tank for one-time draining. As such, you will only need to drain and rinse the dirty tank at the end of the cleaning.

Ergonomics and ease of use

Coming in at 9.8 kg, you might think that the machine will heavy to carry over time. While that is certainly the case, the design of the machine is there to ensure you will not have to carry it as much.

The main body comes with four wheels. It also has a built-in cable hook so you can just snap the hoses into place once you finish cleaning. Once you are read to store the Puzzi 400, you will simply have to give it a push towards the cupboard.

The Puzzi 400’s wheels certainly help during cleaning as well. Since it only has a hose length of 2.5 m and a cord length of 7.5 m, you might find the need to keep moving the machine when cleaning a very wide floor space. Of course, this means the Puzzi 400 may be a bit difficult to manoeuvre when cleaning stairs, especially taller ones.

The accessories that come with the Puzzi 400 really make cleaning floor spaces and surfaces easier and more convenient. The nozzle at the end of the floor cleaning tool is flexible. As such, you can clean and vacuum through uneven surfaces with ease without ever compromising suction power.

This works great for floors with curved edges or areas with intricate nooks and corners. It also has a very ergonomic handle design which allows for maximum comfort and ease of use.

The upholstery nozzle also comes with the same features as the floor cleaning tool attachment and is great especially for cleaning inside vehicles. The nozzle’s design makes it easy to pass and sweep through the uneven surfaces of car seats, compartments, and floors.

While not included on purchase, the Puzzi can also be attached with a hard floor rubber adapter, which works wonders when cleaning thinner carpets.

Is it worth it?

  • Effectiveness: ★★★★★
  • Ease of Use: ★★★★★
  • Value for Price: ★★★☆☆
  • Overall score: ★★★★☆

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There is no doubt, the Karcher Puzzi 1100-2300 spray-extraction cleaner is definitely an impressive machine. It’s a workhorse that can definitely clean through any home or office, and its accessories and ergonomic design make using it very natural and fluid.

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However, it’s noise can certainly be very disturbing, and its price point can be a deal breaker for some – especially those with smaller homes. The Puzzi 400 is one of the most expensive in the market, and its job can be done by other, more inexpensive competitors.

But, if you have a larger home, or if you are looking to maintain a medium-sized office, this spray-extraction cleaner with all its features and benefits, is worth every penny.

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